Shake it Off Pattern Videos

  • October 5, 2020
  • Anthony

If you have purchased the Shake it Off embroidery kit or digital pattern, in the instructions I reference two video tutorials on how to complete the chain stitch and the french knot. Below, I have linked these videos and recommend using them to help you learn how to do these embroidery techniques. I also have linked two different videos on how to finish your embroidery hoop. If you have not purchased this kit/pattern but are interested in learning how to embroider this design, you can click here to be directed to all of the embroidery kits and digital downloads I offer.

Chain Stitch:

French Knot:

How to Complete Your Hoop (with Hot glue):

How to Complete Your Hoop (without Hot glue):

To complete your hoop without hot glue you will need your OWN THREAD! I did not include the necessary amount of thread for this, but you may have some left over. Make sure it's enogh to wrap around the entirety of the hoop. If not, you will need to get some other thread (any thread you might have lying around works).

All other instructions needed to complete this design can be found from purchasing either an embroidery kit - which includes all of the required materials to complete this design on your own, including fabric, thread, a needle, a hoop, and instructions - or by purchasing a digital download of the pattern, which will come with an instant download of the printable design and detailed instructions on how to complete it. You can purchase those by following this link to my store. If you have any questions or concerns when completing this design, please send me a message through the contact page or through Instagram DMs. Follow me on Instagram here for shop updates and pictures of my work. Tag me in your completed designs!